Having built our company slowly and thoughtfully, our small, handpicked team is made up of people from different backgrounds who are passionate about design and who share our philosophy and work ethic.

Sitting together in our light, airy open plan studio, we all work side by side, preparing and eating lunch together, having Turkish picnics on birthdays and getting pizza grease on the layout drawings on Fridays.

Working in this environment allows us to combine our wealth and breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise, so that we’re able to draw together the dual disciplines of architecture and interiors to work seamlessly together.

“To realise a good office environment you need five players: a good architect, a psychologist, a workflow specialist, a stylist and a good client. If the client is good, Sevil and her team can deliver the rest of what is needed and design the finest office environments I have seen so far. She is the only architect I know who takes pleasure in the office seriously.” Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra Chairman