Our open-minded enthusiasm

Big or small, medium-sized or tiny, and regardless of a limitless or shoestring budget, we approach every new project with an open and questioning mind. By treating each new piece of work as a clean slate, we are able to come at it with the same amount of enthusiasm, excitement and vigour as the last project we worked on (albeit with a few extra pairs of fresh, inquisitive eyes).

Getting out as much as we put in

It's a learning process. On every project we work on, we start out not really knowing how to solve it until we are engaged in it. And since we always find out something new or a better way of doing something, we really do get out as much as we put in. Especially when the employees of our clients actually want to go to work on a Monday morning.

Being locksmiths to a happy
work place

By unlocking the potential of the people, the company, the building and the space, we are champions of the human aspect of design.

Making a new space feel as if
it's always been there

From Day 1, we want people to walk into their new office and feel at home, as if they've always been there. Work is not about flimsy partitions, bad lighting, poky spaces and narrow corridors. It's a place to encourage, develop and utilise all the energy and talent of the people who work there.

Getting to the heart of it all

By finding the heart of the company, the space, the building, the culture and the individuals who work there, we create work environments that encourage people to take pride and pleasure in being with their colleagues as a part of a community. In other words, making work, work.

“When everything is connected to everything else, everything matters. Location, building, the room, furniture, the view, the people – all are important for the overall experience.” Sevil Peach