Vitra Showroom, Los Angeles

The Brief

We were asked to integrate the Vitra showroom, sales and administrative offices in Santa Monica whilst providing the best possible showcase for Vitra’s furniture collection to attract serious buyers and curious browsers alike.

The Challenge

Originally built in the 1940s as an Air Force recruiting centre, the Vitra site was spread over two rather dilapidated, dark buildings, both of which were built on different levels. Separated outside by a rubbish strewn backyard, inside, the space felt cramped and uninviting due to a series of partitioned rooms and suspended ceilings.

The Solution

Stripping back the interiors to their original structure, we created two distinct spaces. To maximise the daylight, we transformed what were very randomly punched plastic skylights into vibrantly coloured structured openings with views of the LA sky.

A simple day-lit showroom at the front of the building allowed a focus for the chair retail display. Towards the rear of the building, we added a working office displaying Vitra’s systems furniture, restoring and exposing the bowstring trusses to bring back the original character of the space.

After clearing away the rubbish, the side alley was landscaped into a lush garden whilst the narrow corridor which divided the buildings was inverted to form a trellised patio, filled with dappled light. We then made large window openings to both front and rear buildings to lead onto the patio and create a natural flow between the spaces. Finally, a new shop window and entrance doors were installed to create an intriguing presence on the street to entice and encourage passers by to pop in.

The Reaction

“We are so proud of our space. SevilPeach were able to create an ideal environment for us that transmits the products and our values to clients from every walk of life. Clients have all commented on the positive spirit of our space.”Lori Sherwood, Vitra LA“How can we ever adequately express our extreme gratitude for your time, care, love and attention to every detail of our showroom/new home. You went above and beyond and put us on the map!”Melanie Becker, Vitra LA

The showroom was subsequently featured in Sabah, Interior Design, Office Insight, Wallpaper, and Surface.

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