Vitrashop Exhibition, Euroshop, Düsseldorf

The Brief

Vitra wanted to convey to Vitrashop’s customers that the company would now be split into two operational entities: ‘Visplay’ - responsible for the product range - and ‘Vizona’ - focusing on project management and delivery of design. Vitra also asked us to design the exhibition brochure and design or procure the clothes and accessories to enhance the overall concept on the stand.

The Challenge

The design of the stand had to showcase the new range of Visplay products in an imaginative and visionary way. However, it also had to be ‘real world’ enough to show potential retail usage and to demonstrate the execution skills Vizona offers as a project management team.

The Solution

So that visitors had a clear journey throughout the stand, we organised it into defined zones. There was an area to greet customers, a café, the Visplay area (showcasing the full range of their hardware products) and Vizona area (represented by a number of shop installations). The overarching concept for all of this was inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland‘, with abstract imaginative flourishes and larger-than-life products.

Within the Vizona area, we designed each individual shop to focus on the use of one primary product and marked out each shop with a single strong colour. Visplay systems were made to be practically ‘invisible’, to demonstrate how each system could be adapted discreetly to fit the space while still offering a high level of practicality, loading capacity and flexibility for up-to-date merchandising. The make-believe environments gave a sense of theatre and surprise whilst simultaneously remaining realistic and economic.

The Reaction

“SevilPeach created an enchanting environment, a gift box of 1,000 visual surprises. Our stand did everything a good store should do: cordially welcoming the visitors, leading them on a charming tour through affectionately arranged products, poetically staged spaces, carefully harmonised colour worlds. The space was so inspiring that many visitors made use of the wittily designed opinion wall in the store to express their feelings: they felt vitalised by a memorable experience – just as we did.”Raymond Fehlbaum, Vitrashop Chairman


Gary Turnbull