Vitra Offices, Weil am Rhein

The Brief

In the 12 years since the completion of the
Network Office’, our relationship with Vitra has continued to develop and flourish. With the exception of a few minor interventions and the introduction of new furniture ranges, the original Weil am Rhein office has stood the test of time.

Back in the summer of 2010, we were asked to undertake a more significant refurbishment of the current office and to remove functions like post, archive and large copy areas that had become obsolete following the introduction of a paperless culture.

The Solution

To do this, we enlarged the centre of the office (the heart of the space) to become the main focus of dynamic, non-territorial work. Providing comfy informal meeting and project spaces with retreat areas for quiet, individual work. It became, in effect, a sort of business club for the whole company (of which everyone was a member).

The Reaction

“SevilPeach did it again. Good interiors are so rare, much rarer than good architecture or good product design.” Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra Chairman“The SevilPeach team changed the way of thinking, working, being. They created an office with a heart. An office where people can enjoy themselves, an office of options, an office of liberty.”Tina Burger, Vitra

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The revitalised work place attracts over 30,000 visitors a year and has become an inspiration and resource for the creation of Vitra’s new office products.


Mark Eggimann, Ariel Huber, Eduardo Perez